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les ballets C de la B

In November 2008 a new dance studio was opened on the Bijloke site in Ghent, right next to the offices of les ballets C de la B: studio S3. This substantial amount of extra space gave les ballets C de la B a chance to pursue their artistic ambitions even more extensively.
les ballets C de la B strive to regularly put on a new production of young talents, although ´young´ doesn´t refer to age. Frequently these young talents are dancers who are gradually thinking of the period after their own dance career, without however being able to say farewell to dance immediately. With S3 les ballets C de la B can give dancers a chance to experiment as ballet-makers and gradually develop in this direction. 

In addition, the studio S3 at last offers the ballets the possibility to respond to the great demand for workshops. Earlier, workshops were held primarily during the tours, at the request of the guest theatres. This continues to be the case, but we can adapt to the needs of a lot of artists from all corners of the world to become acquainted with les ballets C de la B from the inside.  
Finally, S3 also fosters the ambition of being a place for research on movement.  For les ballets C de la B, dance is both a mental and a physical process. During the summer months, the studio becomes a meeting place for an intensive residency, where international artists are invited to encounter one another and (further) develop a project in mutual interaction. In 2010 this idea took form for the first time in SI, a fourteen-day Summer Intensive initiated by curators Christine De Smedt and Myriam Van Imschoot.