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From 2017 onwards, les ballets will invest (besides production) in development by launching a residency program with a major asset: coaching by director Alain Platel and/or by dramaturge Hildegard De Vuyst. The underlying motivation to start this program comes from a need to 'share' which is probably related to age (of the organization, not the individuals) but also to the zeitgeist. Sharing is new for having. In addition to that, there is the need to collaborate with generation of creators, with people from here and elsewhere. They learn from us, we learn from them. It is very challenging to start the dialogue with other ways of thinking and working. Both Platel and De Vuyst have gained experience in these matters: Platel with Pieter & Jacob Ampe and young creators from the School of Arts (KASK), De Vuyst with Performing Arts Summer School (PASS) in Palestine, to name a few examples.

The basis is residencies of one month, in one of our two studios. The input is always artistic but whenever necessary, it can also be logistic, administrative or technical.

Candidates for residency can apply at any time.
There is no preset profile for the applying artist although there is a slight preference for the emotional, visceral, energetic and non-verbal work, without excluding the conceptual. We pay extra attention to work for big stages as a challenge for young artists. After application, we will just have to talk (several times maybe) and see if a one-month-collaboration is necessary and possible, whether it can make a real difference, taken into account all time and money constraints.

What could it be? Residencies can be useful in three stages of the creation process: at the beginning of a process, when an existing project with potential got lost somewhere and needs re-thinking and in the final stage, the fine-tuning. Weekly showings can help the people of les ballets to think about the way the performance could follow its way after the residency.

What not to expect? Les ballets C de la B will never bring residencies to the stage or organize tours. Residencies are to be seen as part of a working process. They should be more than just research, they are an important step in the creation process. Residencies are not about receiving carte blanche nor a blank cheque. They will always have to be negotiated.

The residency program receives the label "In Co-laBo". These productions are developed in Co-laBo and are no co-productions, even if les ballets invests in them financially.

Would you like more information or apply for a residency in Co-laBo? Please contact Hildegard De Vuyst: