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R E P O R T   B A D K E   I N   P A L E S T I N E
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In april 2014 Badke was on tour in Palestine/Israël. This production went to Nazareth (Mahmoud Darwish Cultural Centre), Jerusalem (Palestinian National Theatre) and Ramallah (Ramallah Cultural Palace). Koen Augustijnen made a report of the tour.

Badke is an artistic collaboration between les ballets C de la B (Ghent), KVS (Brussels) and the A.M. Qattan Foundation (Ramallah). Since 2007, these organisations have been linking up for a series of multi-disciplinary, long-term workshops with young potential Palestinian performers, dubbed the Performing Arts Summer School (PASS).

With Badke they are presenting the third production in this parcours. A trio consisting of Koen Augustijnen, Rosalba Torres Guerrero (les ballets C de la B) and Hildegard De Vuyst (KVS) are responsible for this production, in collaboration with ten Palestinian performers from different genres.