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les ballets C de la B find it important to pass on and to explore a vast variety of (dancing) techniques. Dancers and artists who participated in les ballets C de la B's productions should be given the chance to share and pass on their knowledge. That is why les ballets C de la B provide workshops meant for the local and international dance communities. These workshops often result in a showtime open to the public.
On the one hand, les ballets C de la B provide their own workshops in their dance studios, either in the one on the Bijlokesite (Studio S3) or in de Nieuwe Vaart (studio S18), both located in Ghent. Since 2010 the summer workshops are a fixed item on the workshop agenda. Throughout the year occasional workshops are organized as well.
On the other hand, les ballets C de la B provide workshops on request. These are quite often theatre companies or festivals who are familiar with our productions or who would like to link a (series of) workshops by one or more dancers to a touring performance. In that way, les ballets C de la B reach a great number of dancers and students from all over the world who want to know more about our company.
Some workshops focus on movement and dance language, others on specific techniques. Quan Bui Ngoc uses his many years of dancing experience with a.o. Alain Platel to encourage the participants to develop their personal language of dance. In his workshops, Ted Stoffer explores 'action and resonance'. Florence Augendre gives workshops about Body-Mind-Centering. Juliana Neves gives workshops about circus techniques and contemporary dance. Eva Bailleul introduces her workshop participants into Indian temple dance and Bollywood.
Please consult archives on our website to find more details on former workshops provided by les ballets C de la B in their studios.
New workshops and registration conditions are announced on our website. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep informed.