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AERIAL DANCE (rope, solks, hammocks & bungees)  
beginners + intermediate/advance level
Workshop by Juliana Neves@S3, les ballets C de la B
June 5th - 9th, 2017

This workshop works with a small group of participants and focuses on two levels:

In the beginners level of this aerial dance workshop, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of aerial dance. We will build upper body and core strength and warm ups will mix contemporary dance and aerial technique. These classes will focus on the fundamental moves of the aerial vocabulary:  climbs, falls, poses, spinsand creative exercises based on the aerial dance approach of Juliana.
For the people who already have some experience with any aerial apparatus, this workshop is working at new skills and combines the techniques with a creative part. The warm ups will vary from specific aerial strength exercises, to dance-acrobatics and improvisation exercises. We will learn new skills in the air. The workshop will continue with a creative part based on free and guided improvisations, and composition exercises. 
Participants will experience what she calls ‘states’ and look for their own aerial physicality, try to find an emotional state before a physical one, going from physical states to movement. We ask ourselves questions and try to answer them physically. 


Aerial dance has been Juliana's specialty for the past 20 years. The solo “Le Volle D'Azala”, created and performed by Juliana at Cirque du Soleil was a first step to mix this aerial technique with dance. Since 2002, when she began working at les ballets C de la B, this skill takes a new form and is seen not only for its circus virtuosity but also as aerial dance. Juliana continues to develop and apply a pedagogical method inspired on her collaboration with Alain Platel and her experience at Cirque du Soleil.